Fast Forward Your Fair Hypnosis Career Outline

Fair Training Outline


Training: (TBA)

Location: (TBA)

Lodging: Reduced hotel rates available – details to follow

Street Hypnosis & Fair Performances in one training!

3 Shows per day:

Early Afternoon, Late Afternoon, and Evening Shows. Multiple audiences per day!


–LIMITED SLOTS so everyone gets plenty of stage time.


Street Hypnosis in between performances out on the fairgrounds. Learn and practice in a real performance environment. Multiple experienced street hypnotists will be available to coach and train.

Morning critique and discussion, and new inductions and techniques will be taught each day.

Multiple male and female experienced stage hypnotists will be assisting during the training.

Live shows on the fairgrounds to real audiences every day.

  • On stage at the fair 3x a day.
  • Family entertainment
  • How to guarantee you get adults in your show when only kids want to volunteer
  • Deal with all types of audiences: big audiences, small audiences, reluctant volunteers, and more
  • Learn what to do with kids in the show
  • Routines that work well for fair crowds
  • How to deal with distractions from other acts, other fairground events
  • How to get in and out on time
    Strolling street hypnosis sessions every day
  • Tech – what you need to know to hook up to any sound system at any fair
  • Video footage of all performances will be provided free of charge – use this to develop or add to your sizzle reel!
  • Still photos of you, on stage and performing!
  • Marketing advice for fair buyers and how to find them.

What you should come with:

  • Stage clothing – you WILL be performing. It’s summer, so keep that in mind.
  • Your induction prepared – for those students without an induction, we’ll provide one for you to memorize or have an experienced hypnotist to assist you on stage
  • A pre-show monologue/talk. This is how you open the show. Again, we’ll provide a script to students needing one.
  • If you have questions about your stage gear (microphone, MP3 or music player, small mixer, etc.) BRING IT WITH YOU! We’ll give you tech advice on how to make your stuff work with fairs.
  • If you’d like your own video on your own camera, bring that with you as well (with your tripod)

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