July 23 - 29, 2018

Fair Hypnosis & Street Hypnosis in ONE TRAINING!

Multiple Daily Performances, Street Hypnosis Demos, and More!

Don't miss your chance to join this unique training! Join us from July 23-29 in Dubuque, IA for the opportunity to hone your stage hypnosis skills with multiple shows per day - AND, you'll also get the chance to learn and practice street hypnosis out on the fairgrounds in front of an ever-changing audience!

Here's the rundown of what you can expect:

  • Three daily performances on the fair stage
  • Multiple street hypnosis performances out on the midway
  • Daily critique and discussion sessions of the previous day's shows
  • Training that's specific to fairs:
    • How to perform family-style entertainment
    • How to guarantee adults on your stage even in a sea of kids
    • How to deal with children in your shows
    • Get in and out on time!
    • Deal with all types of audiences: big crowds, small audiences, reluctant audiences, and more!
  • Tech advice - what you need to know to hook your equipment up to almost any sound system
  • Video shoots of each show from 2 camera angles - use these to create or update your promo!
  • Still photos of our shows and street hypnosis performances
  • More!


That's right! We'll give you a place to stay and transportation to and from the fairgrounds each day - all included in the tuition for the class! How can you beat that deal?

Read on for more...

There aren't many opportunities like this out there.

When it comes to real live training opportunities, there aren't many of them out there. Why? Because most hypnotists won't put their reputations on the line to let you perform under their banner. That's why this training is different - and Dr. Jim Wand will prove it to you!

This isn't the first time Jim's put his students on stage - and not only at a fair. His past stage hypnosis trainings have taken place on a live casino stage, featuring students every night! He's also put his students on stage everywhere from high schools to colleges to corporate clients. When you attend a training with Dr. Jim Wand, he puts his reputation on the line for his students. You see, he believes in his training... but he also believes in YOU!

Unlike some other trainings where you're just shoved on stage and left to twist in the wind (or you never get on stage at all!), Jim and his staff will be there with you every step of the way. You'll get to learn a fair show front to back, and then perform it. You'll get to learn the technical aspects of mics and music and what it takes to connect to a fair sound system. You'll get to learn how to deal with crowds large and small, and in any composition - young crowds, old crowds, reluctant volunteers, and more.

Did we mention the street hypnosis?

Yup! There's a bonus included! The fair asked us to include midway strolling entertainment with the performances, and so you'll get multiple opportunities to learn and perform street hypnosis in front of ever-changing crowds every day!

Jim's Record Speaks for Itself

This is the graduating class of Jim's 2016 Fast Forward Your Stage Hypnosis Career training held at the Diamond Jo Casino in Dubuque. Each and every one of these students performed in multiple shows in front of a live casino audience!

Of the 13 students in this photo, six of them were returning students! They'd trained or mentored with Jim in the past and found his training so valuable that they wanted to come back for this advanced training.

The alumni of Jim's 2017 advanced stage hypnosis class. Each of these students performed on stage at the Diamond Jo Casino!

This advanced class covered topics such as advanced stage management, routine writing, marketing, and more! It was designed with feedback from previous students, with their needs in mind.

Each student left prepared with multiple cameras of video, still photos, and the training to take their shows to the next level.

Meet BobKat. Bob is one of Jim's students, who has taken several classes and mentored with Jim.

Jim invited BobKat on stage to perform for over 1,000 students at Loras College.

RJ Velotti is another one of Jim's amazing students.

Jim invited RJ on stage at Freed-Hardeman University to perform for 3,000 students.

Randy Andrews performed on stage with Jim in front of 500 students.

Randy has taken the training he received from Jim and added a thriving stage hypnosis career to his business.

Video Testimonials

Here's what some of Jim's previous students have to say about his training

Street Hypnosis Live at the Fair!

Learn and practice your street hypnosis skills daily on the fairground midway!

When you come to the 2018 Fast Forward Your Fair Hypnosis Career training you get the bonus of learning, practicing, and performing street hypnosis right on the fairgrounds midway!

The fair asked if we could do strolling hypnosis as part of our shows, and we were only happy to accommodate them!

That means in addition to getting stage time, promo video, photos, and more, you're also going to be practicing your street hypnosis in front of ever-changing crowds. Take this opportunity to hone your skills, up your game, and add valuable street hypnosis tools to your toolbox!

Several experienced male and female instructors will be with you every step of the way as you hypnotize in front of eager crowds of people!

Book Your Spot Now!

Limited to Just 10 Students!

There are just 10 spots open for this training! This way we can guarantee that everyone gets ample amounts of stage time and the personal attention they deserve. Don't miss your chance to reserve your spot now!

You have two options to reserve your spot today: 1) Pay your deposit of $600 today to reserve your spot in the training, or 2) Pay the entire balance of $2497.

Early Bird Bonuses!

Book your spot before May 25th and receive FREE online access to Dr. Jim Wand's complete training course Fast Forward Your Stage Hypnosis Career! This online training consists of over 20 video lessons as well as Jim's complete stage hypnosis training manual with over 100 pages of training materials, hypnosis scripts, and marketing info. It's a $599 value, and it's yours FREE!

You'll also receive your choice of Jim's Maximum Strength Weight Control or Stop Smoking Forever Without Gaining Weight group seminar programs.  These programs contain everything you need to start or expand your successful seminar business for your hypnosis practice or stage show. Produce in-demand weight or smoking group seminars with this program. It contains everything you need to begin hosting seminars yourself, including scripts, a video demo, and marketing materials. It's a $199 value, and it's also yours FREE!

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