Creating Stage Routines That Kill!

Write New Material!

Learn to easily write new, exciting, original routines for your stage hypnosis show!

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Create Stage Routines That Kill!

Learn to easily and quickly write new, original stage routines for your hypnosis show! Over my 30+ years in stage hypnosis I’ve written hundreds of original routines… and now, you can, too! Add never-before-seen material to your show using my easy formula!

Why You Need New Material


Become "The Hypnotist"

Ask a client if they’ve seen a hypnotist before and most likely if the answer is “yes” they can’t remember his name. Use new and original material to make the show memorable and become the hypnotist whose name they remember


Customize The Show for the Client

Add the school’s mascot, the company’s motto, the group’s goals, or any other custom element to your routines. Impress the client and they’ll have you back again and again!


Have More Fun

Don’t get worn out performing the same show over and over again. Write new material and have more fun performing!

Learn How To…


Layer for More Effective Routines

Add layers to routines to make them POP. Do you have an interview-style routine where there’s only one thing going on with one volunteer? Add more layers, make the routine more interactive, and get more of your volunteers involved!


Music & Media

Picking the right music for the right routine, and the right group, can be one of the most effective ways to take your routines to the next level!


Pick Relevant Content

Find out my formula for writing routines that are always up-to-date, relevant to the audience, and, most of all, hilarious!

Three Hours of Content!

This 3 hour video, taken from a presentation I gave at the Heartland Hypnosis Conference, is packed with ideas on new routines and video demos, not to mention my formula for creating new routines! Instant Online Access!

Make Your Show More Exciting & Relevant Than Ever Before!

You Need New Material

Everyone has a list of standard routines that are part of their hypnosis shows. And every client that’s seen a hypnotist will ask you about them. “Can you do the orchestra? Are the people on stage going to get hot and cold?” Be they hypnotist everyone is talking about by performing new material they haven’t seen anywhere else!

Increase Repeat/Referral Bookings! 

When you perform routines that nobody has seen before, be ready to fill your calendar with repeat and referral bookings! Make sure you’re the hypnotist they want to rebook by performing material that only you have in your show!

Sell More BOR!

When your clients see material they’ve never seen before, they want to watch it again and again! Sell more back-of-room videos than ever by adding new material to your show!

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USD $29.95