Take your show, your business, and your life to the next level by mentoring directly with Jim Wand!

Why Should You Mentor With Jim?

Mentoring with Legendary Stage Hypnotist Jim Wand is one of the best decisions you could make for your stage hypnosis career. Jim has over 10,000 shows to his credit, has been in the hypnosis business for 30 years, has traveled all over the USA (and several foreign countries!), and has taught and mentored students from around the world!

Many hypnotists have taken weekend seminars, training courses, or even learned by mail or over the internet... but there's something missing in those experiences. Having a mentor who you have immediate access to, who can answer your questions about shows, audiences, bookings, and more, and, most importantly, has been where you are, is the best way to improve your show and your career.

Jim's mentorship opportunities are perfect for those looking to take their shows to the next level. Want to get out of a show rut? Do you always feel like you're doing the same material over and over? Do you want to learn new marketing opportunities? How to interact with buyers for guaranteed repeat/referral bookings? Mentoring is for you!

Explore Your Options

  • Option 1

    Intense 3 Day Mentorship

    With this option, you would travel to my home base in Illinois or meet me somewhere on the road. Included with either format is everything discussed in the list above.

    You will also attend one or more performances and/or locations to do street demonstrations and learn to work in every given situation. You would also assist me on stage and do one or more skits of your choice if needed.

    The cost of this mentorship is $3,000 plus your travel and lodging while on the road with me.

  • Option 2

    Intensive 3 Month Mentorship

    Includes all the components listed in option 1; however, this option is 3 months long, giving you more time to take away what you have learned and practice and implement each component properly.

    PLUS: With this option, you would also be shown how to market properly in the marketplace(s) you intend to work in. There’s a different type of marketing appropriate for each of the submarkets within a number of the markets available. This would include the proper people to get your promotional materials in front of, how to accomplish this, and how to close the sales. You’ll learn how to create the type of value that’s needed not only to obtain the date but also how to develop the relationship(s) necessary to get repeat and referral bookings.

    As a bonus, you will also be offered at least one after-prom or project graduation performance where you would net $800-1200.

    The cost of this mentorship is $5,000 plus travel and lodging while on the road with me.

  • Option 3

    Intensive 12 Month Mentorship

    This mentorship includes everything included in the other 2 packages along with a number of additional features:

    • Attend as many shows with me as you wish over that time frame including the option to perform on stage
    • Develop and produce a sizzle reel that would be appropriate for the high school market (free of charge)
    • Access to me with as many phone calls or Skype sessions necessary during the entire duration of the mentorship
    • Both a written and/or verbal review for any performance or hypnotic demonstrations done during the 12 month period
    • Be promoted more heavily by Wand Enterprises
    • Be offered 2 – 4 after-prom and/or project graduation shows where you would net from $800-1200
    • Unlimited phone, email, Facebook or other social media support for the 6 month period following the conclusion of the mentorship

    The cost of this mentorship is $10,000 plus travel and lodging when on the road with me.

Everything You Need To Know About Mentoring With Jim

Move Your Career Forward

If you would like to become a stage hypnotist, improve your existing stage hypnosis skills, expand your current business to a full-time 6-figure income, get more bookings, rebook dates and get referrals, you want to consider a mentorship or internship with Jim Wand.

About Jim

With over 25 years of full-time stage hypnosis experience, at least 10,000 performances, and earning well over $10 million in performance fees alone, I have learned how to be successful in this amazing field of stage hypnosis. With experience in just about every market, including 40 straight weeks on a cruise ship, partnerships in two very successful comedy clubs, almost 1,500 corporate dates, over 3,000 college dates, and another 5,000 performances at high schools, fairs and festivals, casinos, and fundraising events, I have had a lot of eye-opening experience.

What's in it for you

Whether you're just beginning your journey as a stage hypnotist, or you're a seasoned veteran still wanting to take your show and marking skills to the next level, you should consider a mentorship or internship during the months ahead.

Custom-designed to meet your needs

With either the mentorship or internship arrangement, your program is custom-designed to meet your specific needs.

Here's What We Cover!

These are just some of the things that are covered in your mentorship/internship. If you're looking to improve in specific areas, contact me and let me know!

  • Market expansion
  • More bookings
  • How to get repeat and referral dates
  • Increase your current rates by adding value for the buyer
  • Personally find sponsorships that will pay your going rate for a show for for an entire tour
  • Learn how to upsell both your BOR and program offerings
  • Understand the process on how to continually tweak and rewrite your show to keep it fresh and upbeat
  • Learn how to alter your show and custom design each performance to meet the buyer's needs with a minimum amount of work
  • Develop the skills necessary to change direction in the middle of the performance to deal more effectively with the subjects or audience
  • Have the ability to deal with the toughest of challenges before, during, or after a show with true professionalism
  • How to be creative and develop new skits and/or put your personal spin on any existing routine
  • Learn how to think on your feet and turn any obstacle into a positive
  • Have the ability to guarantee a standing ovation at the end of the performance. This is easier than you think!
  • Utilize the correct amount of music and what is appropriate for each audience
  • Have an introduction that will blow the audience away
  • Learn the ability to be creative, spontaneous, and be able to adjust almost automatically in any situation
  • Discover how to "go in the back door" in markets that seemingly are next to impossible to access
  • Learn how to increase your rates and be booked at higher fees than other artists competing in the marketplace
  • Discover how making a 6-figure income can be accomplished in a number of marketplaces while remaining relatively close to home
  • Decide what BOR to create and how to sell it much more effectively
  • Create a more effective website and promotional materials to be more attractive to the buyer

What's an internship? What's a Mentorship?

An INTERNSHIP usually lasts from 2 - 9 months depending on your needs, level of development, and short or long-term goals. Also, be prepared to earn as you learn! You would be traveling on the road for a period of time assisting and learning every aspect of being on the road, working with the buyer, setting the stage, using sound equipment, perfecting all elements of a performance, and anything else that is important to you. Typically, in the longer internships, you make enough money not only to pay for the internship, but also to pocket anywhere between $10 - 20k depending on your development and abilities. This program is sometimes rather intense with long hours, but prepares you to hit the ground running at the end of the internship.

A MENTORSHIP usually involves a few days or a few weeks that can be spread out over a period of time or done in a very condensed format depending on your individual schedule and needs. Some travel is involved, but it's flexible enough to accommodate your personal needs. You would attend performances, assist, and learn, all at the same time!


Anyone who does a mentorship or internship through my agency is given the first option on dates I book in your area. Last year, we issued over 500 contracts, and a majority of them were given to the people who have trained with me personally. Inquire now and let me know you're interested.