Mentoring Options To Fit Your Needs!

I'm currently updating my mentorship options to meet the needs of more individuals wanting my services. I've offered all three at different times and decided to bring all three options back.

I consider a performance to start from the time the contract is signed until you leave the venue and return home a happy person.

With all the mentoring options, you'll build a show from the ground up to fit each of the markets you want to specialize in. I know many hypnotists start with high schools, and this market is actually broken down into 5 sub-markets: post-prom/project graduation, HS assembly, MS assembly, day/night combination and night fundraising event. Each of these performances needs to be different if you want to be effective.

Other markets such as comedy clubs, casino, cruise ship, corporate, community, college, fairs and festivals, and other niche markets can be included to meet your needs.

Each performance should be exactly that: a performance adding visual, auditory, and kinesthetics elements to enhance every aspect of the show.

During all these mentorships, you'll learn what I consider the components of a great show. Those that get rave reviews and also repeat and referral bookings.

They include:

  • Pre-show call
  • Arriving at the site of the performance
  • Venue walk-through
  • Talking with the buyer
  • Setting an appropriate stage configuration for both the venue and the audience
  • Sound/light check
  • Pre-show mental prep
  • Introduction
  • Pre-talk (including the definition of hypnosis, dismissing myths, helpful uses for hypnosis, suggestibility exercises, the benefits of participating on stage during this performance, and answering questions in certain presentations)
  • Selecting volunteers and informing the audience on certain rules of what is expected, and proceeding with the actual selection process
  • Positioning the volunteers and re-positioning as many times as necessary to create the right flow for the show
  • Utilizing the correct induction and music for the theme, volunteers, and audience members
  • Releasing those who did not get hypnotized with out embarrassing them and bringing volunteers up on stage as an option
  • Skit formation, selection, layering, sandwiching, and actual presentation style to develop the most entertainment value
  • How to change on the fly, interact with both the volunteers on stage and those in the audience. Have the audience become part of the skit when it adds to the outcome
  • When and how to utilize callbacks
  • Adding post-hypnotic suggestions
  • Interjecting BOR sales in an appropriate fashion
  • Various ways to have the volunteers return to the audience
  • Closing the show
  • Recap with the buyer. Testimonial, if appropriate
  • Post-show venue walk-through
  • Exit the venue
  • Make notes, complete the show follow-up form
  • Follow-up email
  • Much, much more!

Three Mentoring Programs
Choose Which Option is Right for You!

Option 1

Intense 3 Day Mentorship

With this option, you would travel to my home base in Illinois or meet me somewhere on the road. Included with either format is everything discussed in the list above.

You will also attend one or more performances and/or locations to do street demonstrations and learn to work in every given situation. You would also assist me on stage and do one or more skits of your choice if needed.

The cost of this mentorship is $3,000 plus your travel and lodging while on the road with me.

Option 2

Intensive 3 Month Mentorship

Includes all the components listed above; however, this option is 3 months long, giving you more time to take away what you have learned and practice and implement each component properly.

PLUS: With this option, you would also be shown how to market properly in the marketplace(s) you intend to work in. There's a different type of marketing appropriate for each of the submarkets within a number of the markets available. This would include the proper people to get your promotional materials in front of, how to accomplish this, and how to close the sales. You'll learn how to create the type of value that's needed not only to obtain the date but also how to develop the relationship(s) necessary to get repeat and referral bookings.

As a bonus, you will also be offered at least one after-prom or project graduation performance where you would net $800-1200.

The cost of this mentorship is $5,000 plus travel and lodging while on the road with me.

Option 3

Intensive 12 Month Mentorship

This mentorship includes everything included in the other 2 packages along with a number of additional features:

  • Attend as many shows with me as you wish over that time frame including the option to perform on stage
  • Develop and produce a sizzle reel that would be appropriate for the high school market (free of charge)
  • Access to me with as many phone calls or Skype sessions necessary during the entire duration of the mentorship
  • Both a written and/or verbal review for any performance or hypnotic demonstrations done during the 12 month period
  • Be promoted more heavily by Wand Enterprises
  • Be offered 2 - 4 after-prom and/or project graduation shows where you would net from $800-1200
  • Unlimited phone, email, Facebook or other social media support for the 6 month period following the conclusion of the mentorship

The cost of this mentorship is $10,000 plus travel and lodging when on the road with me.

So, which option is right for you? If you have any questions on any of these options or you'd like to talk to me in more detail, inquire online, email me at, or call my office at (815) 747-6954.